Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation
Tribal Council Members
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Contact Information
Ohlone Costanoan
Esselen Nation
Official Tribal Website
Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation
P. O. Box 1301
Monterey, CA  93942

Louise J. Miranda Ramirez
Tribal Chairwoman
or  ramirez.louise@yahoo.com
(408) 629-5189

Christianne Najera
Tribal Vice-Chairwoman  
On Medical Leave

Pauline Martinez Arias
Tribal Councilwoman - Interim Vice-Chairwoman
(831) 596-9897

Chesney Grant
Tribal Councilwoman
(209) 295-4454

Alfonso "Al" Rodriguez
Tribal Councilman
(805) 714-0089

Alexandria J. Casares
Tribal Councilwoman

Joseph Kavanagh
nterim Councilman

Gary W. Martinez
Interim Councilman
Peacekeeper of Protocol

Sheryl Varien
Interim Councilwoman

Tribal Administrators
Charlotte Diaz Gomez
**** OCEN TRIBAL MEMBERS Applicants ***

The OCEN Tribal Council has requested that all
Tribal Members complete the updated Enrollment
Application.  We have requested that your folder be
updated since March 2007, we are now faced
with a deadline.  We will place all Tribal Members
with incomplete folders on an

We are no longer accepting applications, ENROLLMENT IS CLOSED.  
Applications will
NOT be processed as approved by the
Tribal Council on
July 8, 2012.

Please contact Tribal Chairwoman
Louise J. Miranda Ramirez
to request a form to update your folder.  
You may also contact
her at (408) 629-5189.

Thank You - Nimasianexelpasaleki

Alan Leventhal

Philip Laverty
Photograph by Alexandria Casares
Ancestral Lands at Point Lobos
Alexandria Casares
Alexandria Casares
Alexandria Casares
Louise J. Miranda Ramirez
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